Do you know that? 5 interesting facts about water jet

Water jet is a perfect method for preparing precise components out of such materials as steel, concrete, stone, plastic or glass. Using one jet of water, it is possible to create such shapes, which would not be possible by applying traditional methods.

The investors who care about high quality of the created components have already abandoned traditional methods of cutting and focused on the water jet technology. It therefore comes as no surprise, since the method is really efficient. Do you know that in comparison with other cutting methods, such as thermal or mechanical, the water jet technology is:


Water jet is much quicker than cutting with a chainsaw, laser or disc. The cutting is done by an appropriately programmed machine, which never gets tired and accurately performs its job.


The high pressure water jet method is much safer and controlled than a chainsaw. While cutting, the temperature does not rise high and no fire, fumes or other harmful and irritating filings occur.

more precise

Nobody may compare themselves with the machine in terms of precision of the cutting process. Thanks to water jet cutting of any material, you can shape it however you like. It would not be possible with traditional method of cutting.


When using the water jet method, the environment is protected. We do not generate any heat or fumes. Additionally, it is important to bear in mind that cutting or drilling the mater generates minimum waste.


The cut material is safe. It does not change color, tear or lose its original mechanical properties. Therefore, it may be fully used. It has direct impact on saving the money by the investor.