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Water jet offer

Water jet cutting of steel

Only water jet may guarantee incredible precision, thanks to which it is possible to cut every, even the smallest detail. Traditional steel processing methods require final corrections, whereas the CNC technology guarantees quick and easy work with spectacular effects. With us, you can cut any type of steel ? tool, acid resistant and armored steel.

Water jet cutting of metal

The water jet method does not cause any mechanical stress on the material surface, thus, there is no risk of deformation or hardening of the material or creation of splinters. Once the work is finished, the material surface remains smooth and uniform, which eliminates the necessity of repeated final processing. Apart from that, no significant losses of the cut material occur, which means that the material is used more efficiently. Now you can cut all non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

cięcie wodą betonu architektonicznego odpad

Water jet cutting of ceramics, stone

The art of water jet cutting helped to create many works of art, whose sight is truly breathtaking. Such effects may not be achieved using traditional methods, such as laser or plasma, since the stone is a really fragile and hard to treat raw material. This amazing accuracy of the machine using a jet of work under extremely high pressure guarantees precise reflection of a complex pattern.

Comparison of cutting methods
Cutting materialslaser beamplasmawater jet
Cut materialswith a broad spectrum apart from materials with high reflection coefficientsferrous and non-ferrous metalsall materials
Cutting methodhot cuttinghot cuttingcold cutting
non-metallic materialsnonoyes
Possible application of many headsnolimitedyes
Multi-layer cuttingnonoyes
Composite materialsnonoyes
Material hardeningyesyesno
Cutting shapescomplexsimplecomplex
Creation of splintersyesyesvery limited
Additional processingyesyesvery limited
Loss of materialhighyesvery limited
Tolerance levels0,1 mm0,2-0,5 mm0,1-0,3 mm
Creation of harmful fumesyesyesno
Possible cutting of materials covered with rust and scalesatisfactorygoodvery good
Material thickness<25mm<80mm<305 mm
Material deformationyesyesno