What types of material may be subject to water jet?

The cutting of various shapes with a jet of water under pressure is not only comfortable, but also safe for the processed material. Water jet cutting ? commonly knows as the water jet technology allows to cut various materials without losing their mechanical properties.

Water jet cutting ? water jet technology is widely used to produce all types of machines and devices to create elements for the automotive, installation, building and renovation industries. The range of applications is wide, since the CNC technology allows to cut materials of substantial thickness and varied structure.

How does it work and why is it efficient?

The basis for all activities is high pressure water, released from a special computer-controlled nozzle. A jet of water cuts the material and gives it the desired shape. An important aspect of the water jet technology is that it ensures safety of the processed material. Water does not change thermal activity of the material, thus, the material does not heat up and its colors or surface structure do not change. By using the CNC technology, it is possible to cut basically all kinds of shapes in any type of the material

– starting from metal and ending with glass and stone.

One of the advantages of water jet is its versatility. The water jet technology may be used to process basically all types of material, such as stainless steel, glass, plastics and stone.

Water jet allows to cut the following materials:

? stone (marble, granite, conglomerate),
? metal (steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals),
? glaze, miller rock and other tiles,
? wood,
? glass,
? plastics and other materials,
? concrete slabs,
? rubber.

Cutting with a jet of water is a comfortable solution allowing to process materials in a safe and precise manner.