What is the water jet technology?

Water jet is a very precise method for cutting various types of materials using a jet of water under a very high pressure. Additional application of abrasive material makes it possible to cut even the thickest and hardest materials.

The use of the water jet method allows to avoid many limitations present in case of other methods ? laser or plasma cutting.

High precision and small impact on the material

The water jet technology is a very precise method. Thanks to the obtained accuracy, it is not necessary to further process the material. It has positive impact on accelerating the production process and allows to significantly reduce the costs.

It is also worth stressing that in case of the water jet technology, the material is not at risk of high temperatures. Therefore, its mechanical properties do not changes and no deformations occur.


The water jet technology may be used to process many types of materials. Currently, the abrasive jet method is used to cut very hard materials, such as stone, concrete or ceramics as well as rubber or foam elements. No other technology provides such a wide scope of possibilities.

Such versatility in connection with other advantages made the water jet method popular and highly appreciated by even the most demanding clients.