What are the methods of metal sheet processing?

Metal sheets are used in basically all industries, such as building, automotive and interior design. Thanks to various method of metal sheet processing, the investor may obtain the desired shapes and sizes. The specialist companies, such as Metconcept, deal with metal sheet processing.

By using metal sheeting, it is possible to create different types of roof covers, building facades, interior finishings as well as elements of machines or other devices. To execute such orders, it is necessary to have not only good quality material, but also specialist technical facilities. When processing metal sheets, both precision and repeatability are of great importance.

The most popular methods of metal sheet processing include metal sheet bending and cutting, for example, by water jet method.

What is metal sheet bending?

The metal sheet bending is performed on a special machine intended for that purpose ? i.e. the bending brake, equipped with stamps and matrices. The processed metal sheet is bent by shear force of 1700 kN. Metconcept provides metal sheet bending, which is mainly characterized by repeatability. It is also possible to bend metal sheets at different plains, which additionally helps to execute even the most difficult orders.

What is water jet cutting?

Water is a perfect material for cutting metal sheets of different thickness. Thanks to high pressure water jet, it is possible to cut holes in metal sheets with great accuracy and cut the material to size as requested by the client. Water does not damage metal sheets or change their structure.