Water jet re-cutting of milled rock tiles

The milled rock is a truly popular finishing material used in residential building and commercial premises. It may be also used as the covering for floors, stairs, walls or table tops. Water jet cutting is the most popular method of processing.

The milled rock looks perfect in flats, houses, studies, offices or stores ? everywhere where both aesthetics and durability are of importance. It should be also mentioned that despite very good durability parameters, the milled rock tiles are exceptionally hard to process, in particular to cut. It is also very difficult to cut holes in the tiles (for wires or power sockets). The water jet method ? i.e. cutting with a jet of water ? is a solution used by our company.

Water jet cutting of milled rock tiles

Water is a perfect cutting material. Thanks to water, it is possible to cut all types of tiles to size, keeping their original appearance and technical parameters. The accuracy of water jet cutting is 0.1 mm and the whole process is controlled by a computer. Therefore, it is impossible to make a mistake. The material may be cut to a specific size.

Smooth and uniform edges

The water jet method allows to obtain results, which would not be possible using, for example, circular saws. The tile edges after water jet cutting are perfectly smooth and uniform and the tiles do not change color.

No damaged material

The milled rocks is often expensive. During the water jet cutting, the temperature does not rise and the milled rock properties do not change. No scratches, color changes or other mechanical damages occur.