Water jet in the aviation industry

High demands are made on elements used in the aviation industry. More and more attention is paid not only to the accuracy of a given element, but also to the manner in which it was made. The water jet technology has become more popular in the aviation industry lately. This method is mainly used due to the fact that the process is performed in low temperature and the cut material does not change its internal structure. What is more, no undesired stress occurs.

The advantages of water jet in the aviation industry


It may be stated that the water jet technology in the aviation industry has a number of advantages. Above all, the material is not deformed due to heat. The material also does not harden along the cutting line and its structure does not change. The water jet technology is safe for human health and the environment, as no hazardous fumes and smoke occur during the process. One of the advantages is the fact that once the cutting is over, it is seldom necessary to additionally process the edges. Furthermore, multi-directional cutting of many shapes simultaneously is possible and the range of errors is within a tolerance of hundredth of a millimeter. The costs are additionally reduced due to the fact that the material use is very efficient.