The cutting of glass is generally risky, but thanks to the water jet method, it is much safer.

The glass is a truly elegant, but also fragile finishing material. For the purpose of its cutting, grinding and processing, special tools must be used. Water cutting ? Water Jet is the only reliable method allowing to process glass and keep its original parameters.

Thanks to the water jet service offered by Metconcept, it is possible to easily cut glass in a customized manner, cut out various elements or drill holes. Water is a perfect cutting tool, thanks to which the processed material does not change its original mechanical properties, maintains highly aesthetic features and is easy to install.

Customized glass cutting ? only with water jet!

Water Jet allows to cut glass of maximum thickness of 195 millimeters. The glass is placed on a special table, size 2×4 m. A high pressure jet of water with small diameter perfectly cuts glass and does not cause any damages. The glass is not subject to heating, scratching or color changing.

Hole drilling

When using water jet on tempered glass, it is easy to drill holes of different shapes and diameters. The holes may be used for electric sockets (glass panels), batteries (kitchen and bathroom tables) and other fittings (balustrades, stairs).

Cutting shapes

Using water jet, it is possible to cut out all types of shapes. In this case, the only limitation is human imagination. The service may be addressed to architects, interior designers, designers or companies ordering banners or advertising gadgets.