Stamps, matrices, etc., I.E. Tools necessary to bend metal sheets

Metal sheet bending must be precise. It is important to maintain appropriate quality, repeatability, and prepare elements with very good technical parameters. The use of such elements as stamps or matrices always allows to achieve the desired effect.

MetConcept deals with professional bending of metal sheets. It would not be possible without modern equipment. The most efficient and practical method for bending metal sheets (various types) is, certainly, the process using bending brakes. It should be also mentioned that the clients often come with unusual requests, which need specialist bending on several layers. It is, of course, possible thanks to CNC numerical control.

The bending of metal sheets in accordance with the project and hence meeting the needs of our clients also would not be possible without such equipment as stamps and matrices. The stamps and matrices are part of basic equipment and allow efficient execution of jobs.

The matrix and stamp for bending brakes allow to bend metal sheets with accuracy of up to 0.5mm and to obtain automatic repeatability. In the event when the client places an unusual order, it is possible to create the above-mentioned elements upon request. In such case, the execution time is, of course, longer, and the cost higher. The equipment of MetConcept allows to bend elements characterized by high quality and stability of dimensions and technical parameters.