Reasons why it is best to use water jet in case of the milled rock

The milled rock is a great decorative material. It can be successfully used in building and decorating. Wall coverings, finishes in floors or stairs ? these are only the most popular applications.

Certainly, every tile expert at least once in their lifetime faced the challenge of cutting milled rock and drilling holes in such material. Damaged tiles, uneven edges, loss of time and unnecessary stress ? these are the side effects of using inappropriate cutting method not the water jet technology. Water jet cutting of milled rock is currently a standard solution allowing to carry out the work more quickly and accurately. Why in comparison with other cutting methods water is interesting? There are at least a few reasons.

1. Time

Water jet cutting of milled rock is quicker. The work is done by the machine much more efficient than even the most skillful human worker. Straight cutting or cutting at a 45° angle, not to mention hole drilling, take significantly less time.

2. Accuracy

The milled rock is a really hard material. Therefore, it is used everywhere where heavy traffic occurs. The cutting of miller rock using traditional methods is simply ineffective. The cut edges are sharp and uneven, and require additional polishing. At places where accuracy is of utmost importance, the water jet technology proves irreplaceable.

3. Aesthetics and no damaged material

The arranged tiles with sharp edges or parts are not very attractive. We also do not accept the tiles, where holes are not round and edges are not even. Thanks to the water jet technology, such problems may be avoided. The method not only increases the working conditions of the specialist, but also improves the general aesthetic finishing.