Problems related to the maintenance of life storage racking

When large production plants want to streamline the process of storage or release of goods from the warehouse, they invest into industrial systems of life storage racking adapted to their production profile and needs. The life storage racking is a perfect solution for storing goods, which ensures liquid rotation and observance of the FIFO rule (first in ? first out).

The aforementioned systems are often chosen, as they provide great time saving, eliminate problems with the execution of the orders and ensure maximum control of the warehouse stocks. The racks have special flow corridors with slight declination, which are used for moving the stored pallets by the force of gravity. The corridors are built of rollers and brake rollers to control the flow of pallets.

Servicing of storage racking

Such systems need to be maintained and serviced. The companies selling life storage racking offer warranty and post warranty services. However, often their headquarters are located far from the client’s plant and the number of employed service technicians is very limited. A large factory cannot afford to have problems with executing its orders, such as failures on the life storage racking. It refers to not only financial losses, but also workplace accidents. The industrial plants that pay attention to the smoothness of product storage and safety of employees use the services of companies which are responsible for maintenance in the production plants.

Experience in industrial maintenance

The company experienced in maintenance and servicing of life storage racking will consistently monitor the efficiency of rollers and brake rollers. It will also help to implement the OHS policies according to the individual needs of the plant. METCONCEPT that employs many exceptional maintenance specialists and well-qualified welders may serve as the best example.