Popular steel structures – examples of use

Design and construction of steel structures requires appropriate qualifications of the contractor and technical facilities. The structures may be made of carbon, acid-resistant and aluminum steel. The most popular structures include platforms and bridges.

The steel structures are commonly used not only in building, but also industry. They allow to construct, for example, passageways in production halls and storehouses as well as technological, packaging, production or sorting lines. The steel structures may be located in office or special purpose facilities, e.g. agricultural. What are the most popular steel structures that Metconcept could create? Here are some of them…

Steel platforms and other passageways

They are used in many types of factories, production plants or agricultural storehouses. They have a wide range of applications, starting from simple passageways, through escape routs and ending with the so-called connectors.

Supporting structures

Steel supporting structures may be used in building, installation or heating industry. Their purpose is to support steel, glass or concrete elements.

Platforms and barriers

They are construction and finishing elements for various types of interiors, including office and residential spaces. Due to their different shapes, they may be perfect for both classic and modern decors.