Platform, mixer or container? We offer steel structures in all different shapes!

We have huge construction possibilities at MetConcept. Our fully equipped machinery park, modern equipment for processing metal elements and highly qualified personnel make it possible to build all types of steel constructions for our clients. For many years we have rendered services to plants operating in different industries ? i.a. food, chemical, power.

With us, the possibilities are limitless!

It is no exaggeration to say that the functioning of industrial plants is based on steel structures and installations. Steel constitutes architectural foundation for halls, production lines or machine components. It is also used to build special structures for employees allowing them access to equipment.

Every industry sector, production line and device require individual solutions, therefore, steel structures are usually custom made. In light of the above, our company does not have a closed product offer, but remains flexible and adapts its projects to customer requirements.

Steel structures at Metconcept

We produce all types of structures. Our steel tanks may be used for storing or technological processing of materials. Their parameters and type of the used steel will be adapted to the substances intended for storing in such tanks. Mixers are also produced based on the needs of particular plants; they may be used to create food mixtures or chemical substances ? both in a powdery and liquid form. Another important element of the product offer by Metconcept are steel structures, which provide free access to workstations and machines (platforms, ladders, bridges, barriers) and which support and protect the production lines (platforms, supporting structures, tank insulation wraps).