Is it possible to cut steel with a jet of water?

The water jet under high pressure is an innovative method for cutting materials. This cutting-edge technique allows to cut metal sheets, steel, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, etc. Steel may be subject to high pressure water jet cutting (approx. 3800 atm).

Is it possible to cut steel with a jet of water?

Steel is a very popular and easy to cut material. On the other hand, the water jetter cuts all types of steel. Low temperature of the process prevents changes in the material structure. Abrasive jet creates smooth edges, without any burnt marks, cracks, protruding splinters or other defects, which are usually present in case of high temperature cutting.

Advantages of water jet

The processing of materials using water jet has many advantages. The method allows to cut hard and thick materials, even up to 200 millimeters (20 cm). In most cases, the surface subject to water jet does not require any further processing, which accelerates the whole process of obtaining the target product. Furthermore, in case of water jet , no thermal or mechanical stress is exerted on the processed material. The structure of the water jetter allows to create many shapes on a big table during one cutting session, which may significantly reduce the costs. The service costs depend on the cutting time. The cutting time depends on the thickness and hardness of the cut material.