How to build a stained-glass window on your own?

You say stained glass ? you think church? People usually associate stained-glass windows with religious buildings. However, stained glass may be a perfect decoration for your house or apartment. If you have any time to spare, you may create this unique decoration on your own. It will be great fun!

What will you need?

First, prepare a sheet of paper, where you will draw the project of your stained glass. Then, find appropriate glass material to create the decoration. When cutting glass elements, it is recommended to use professional assistance. MetConcept applies several methods to achieve this goal, such as, among other things, the water jet cutting. Water jet allows to create very precise elements, with low cost.

To finish our work, we will need a tin wire, soldering iron and liquid tin. Once we collect all we need, we may start the work.

“Step by step” instructions

Start with a template at a scale of 1:1. Cut particular elements and copy them onto stained glass. Prepare the previously cut glass.

Place the glass elements so as to obtain the expected pattern and spread liquid tin on the connection points of glass panes. Use hot soldering iron to melt the tin wire and solder the stained glass. It is important o solder on both sides. Since the tin dries very fast, the decoration will be ready after just a few minutes. Now, you can enjoy it and proudly show to your neighbors and friends.