What is the process of simultaneous water jet of several large components?

The water jet is a good alternative to often difficult laser or plasma cutting, which often cause material changes. Water is a perfect cutting material, which allows to cut elements of various size and several elements simultaneously. All this is possible thanks to precise control.

By using a jet of water with extremely high pressure, it is possible to cut all types of materials in an easy and efficient manner. In comparison with thermal cutting methods, the water jet technology does not cause any deformation of the material, change of its structure, occurrence of splinters or heating up. Therefore, it is possible to freely cut and shape various holes even in so fragile materials as glass, wood, plastics or ceramics.

Cutting of large elements

At Metconcept we cut large elements. All this is possible thanks to the professional table of size 2×4 m. The table, which is characterized by high stability, guarantees a possibility of cutting even several large elements simultaneously or drill a few or a dozen or so holes in the material, e.g. metal sheet or ceramic tiles. The cutting on such a big table allows to quickly execute the orders.

Cutting of several elements simultaneously

Thanks to using modern water jet machines, we may cut out several or a dozen or so holes or shapes in one metal sheet. The precision of performance is very high, thus, it is possible to cut even the most complex shapes, with maximum saving of material. The same shapes may be obviously cut out in other types of materials, e.g. plastic sheets, concrete or glass.