What is the process of metal sheet bending?

Metal sheet bending is one of the basic methods for processing metals. The method allows to differently shape metal sheet elements, pipelines, sections or wires. It consists in permanent deformation of objects through bending, without affecting the integrity and dimensions of the material. This kind of processing changes only the curvature of elements. The bending process may be hot or cold ? depending on the metal thickness.

Metal sheet bending with bending brakes

Depending on the elements subject to bending the shapes that are to be cut, various bending methods are applied: press, cylinder or drag-and-drop. At Metconcept, we use CNC brake presses, which allow to flex, bend down, fold and profile. This type of a bending brake is fully automated, thus, allows to perform complex, 100% repeatable shapes of a large batch of elements. The information on the project is introduced digitally, whereas specific technical parameters are calculated by the control system. Further on it is essential to adjust the shapes of matrices or stamps of the machine, which will deform the metal sheeting under the mechanical stress. The machine is equipped with guides and bearings, which allow to move the material between particular stages of the process. It is possible to order even the most complex and original shapes ? upon request, we may prepare matrices and stamps suitable for specific projects. The cutting-edge technology offers unlimited possibilities and great effects!