Removal of a technical problem with a driver


metconcept-removal-of a technical problem-with a driver-in-the conical-part-of the tank

the tank during the downtime

Difficult conditions and time pressure ? breakdown of a conical part of the driver

  • The work was carried out during the downtime, as for our client every second counts.
  • Visual inspection of the technical condition and the scope of damages was difficult due to the conical shape in the tank. Additionally, remnants of the powder pressed in some places as well as loose dusts hovered in the air.
  • The first stage was to disassemble the arms and bring them outside. As we did not obtain the consent to cut a hole and the holes in the tank were too small, we secured the arms on the tank walls.
  • We removed the platform connected with a gear driven by chain.
  • We assessed the scope of damages and decided on further stages of the work.
  • We obtained consent to cut a hole. We could bring the elements that needed repair.
  • We prepared better covers and thicker supports. We also put all elements together.