Pressure test of the installation

Why and when should you perform a pressure test?

When you finish building a house or other investment, where water installation is mounted ? regardless of whether it is only a heating system or complete water supply system ? it is important to remember about one very important element before final completion of the works. Namely ? it is indispensable to perform the pressure test of the installation.

Why do you need to perform the pressure test?

When you complete the construction works and start the finishing stage, you should call a specialist to check the tightness of the installation. If you do not do this and trust that the installation system was mounted correctly, you may see the ugly consequences of such behavior. It may turn out that the mounted installation is not tight or permanent and, with time, starts leaking or completely cracks. Consequently, it may cause serious damages and hence entail financial costs and outlays to remove the defect. It is often the case that, upon completion of the works, the installation systems are built-up or access thereto is difficult. Therefore, a part or entirety of the finishing works must be destroyed to re-access the installation.

To avoid such situation, the pressure test of the installation must be conducted. The pressure test is usually performed by the fitter of the installation, however, it is recommended to use third party professionals specialized in such tests. A report should be drawn up from every meeting. The test is performed in the presence of the site manager and site inspector. These persons should also sign the aforesaid report of activities.

How is the pressure test of the installation performed?

The pressure tests are conducted in compliance with the guidelines of the producer of the elements used to make the installation. In case of lack of such guidelines, you request the same. There are general rules of pressure tests of the installation systems contained in the “Technical conditions of performance and acceptance of installation”. It must be remembered that the pressure test of the installation conducted on the basis of the aforesaid rules is allowed only in the presence of persons authorized to carry out such activities and draft the report.