serca do stali, serca ze stali serce do stali

Welcome to our company! We believe that these are the people who make our company great.

Check out how we work. Since 2005, we have been constructing, implementing, cutting and bending…

And we are very good at that! To put it simply, we are a group of highly-skilled engineers.

The engineering work is our daily bread.

MetConcept is a company, where experience and solid foundations interweave with modern approach and work enthusiasm.

We create structures, but destroy patterns.


to work with!

the company, where

concept to siła

Idea, concept. The most important thing is to have a vision.

When we combine the vision with passion, the success is sure.

The concept is embodied and made visible.

MetConcept is a company full of new concepts and passion.

The word “Concept” is even included in its name.

safety above all
360 projects per year
100% efficiency
we construct we design
years of experience
40 employees


2 offices


are not anonymous !
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water cutting

Water jet (other names: blasting, waterjet, water jet cutting, pure waterjet, water-only cutting, abrasive jet)

Water jet means precision.

We cut various types of materials :

  • natural stone and conglomerate,
  • carbon steel,
  • stainless steel,
  • non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous metal alloys,
  • glass and plexiglass,
  • ceramics, milled rock,
  • rubber and plastics,
  • wood and wood-based panels


we bend metal
Sheet bending means permanent deformation of material as a result of moment bending. The procedure should be implemented without affecting the integrity of the material.
The bending services are rendered using CNC brake presses designed for bending sheet metals. The processed object is bent by shear force moving backwards. The shear force is of 1700 kN. It allows to process elements 15mm thick.
  • length of bent components - 4080mm
  • accuracy of up to 0.05mm


we do not work on and off we keep a steady level of our activities
we are characterized by flexible approach

We prove that local companies are the driving force.

Polish engineers enjoy excellent reputation worldwide. And we confirm this view!

Even though our headquarters are located in Poland, we act worldwide and provide services to international corporations.

We remain faithful to the Polish engineering traditions.

we act
and international level

We are also present
in your town.


Employees are the most valuable asset in our company.

People are the priority at MetConcept.

Both clients and employees.

We trust people, people trust us.

Human resources mean much more than any other resources.

People are respected at MetConcept.

we can handle many orders
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